"I stray away from the shore, losing myself among the waves as one loses oneself in a dream." Jacques Cousteau

Archivo para marzo, 2012

Buenas frases

“Pleasure or pain are aspects of the mind only. Our essential nature is happiness.”

“You are freedom. You have to choose. Your choice will determine your being. On each step, every moment, you have to decide who you are.”

“Para abrirse un nuevo camino, hay que ser capaz de perderse.”

“No tomes decisiones estando enojado, ni hagas promesas estando feliz.”

“Hay más felicidad en dar que recibir.”

“There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.”

“God doesn’t give us the people we want, he gives us people we need to love us, leave us, help us, hurt us and make us become the person we were meant to be.”

“Cualesquiera que hayan sido nuestros logros, alguien nos ayudó siempre a alcanzarlos.”